Anu P

Anu Prandi

Strategic Organizational Development and Talent Management Leader

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Executive summary

Anu joined the BDO team in Estonia in October 2022 as the Strategic Organizational Development and Talent Management Leader.

Supporting and training managers has been an important part of her job over the years. During her career of more than 20-years, she has worked mainly in the field of human resources in large international companies. Anu's career began as the quality manager of AS Tere, where over time the responsibilities expanded in addition to quality management to the management of the entire company's personnel. She has been part of the management team, managing people and processes. Her experience is from hospitality, service and industry companies, such as Swissôtel and Fazer Estonia as HR Director, while in Fazer Estonia she had the role of HR Director across the Baltics.

Anu believes in lifelong learning, good relationships between people and that there is a solution to every problem. Anu has a higher education in economics from Tallinn University of Technology. In addition, she graduated from Uppsala University of Agriculture with a master's degree from the Faculty of Economics. While studying in Sweden, she broadcasted news for BNS (Baltic News Service).

An interesting fact about Anu - she is one of the founders and creators of the wellknown Silverspoon brand and contest in Estonia.


TalTech; BA Economics - Economist Engineer
SLU Swedish University of Agriculture; MA Economics


SHL OPQ/Verify Training SHL (since 2014)
SHL Observer and 360 Feedback (since 2013)
SLG International. Disc method (since 2013)


PARE (Estonian Personnel Management Association)
Chamber of Mentors
Yacht Club Kalev 


Estonian (Native speaker)
Swedish (communication level)
Finnish (communication level)
Russian (communication level)