Mari-Liis Urva

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Payroll and Reporting Services

Executive summary

Mari-Liis joined the BDO team in Estonia in 2017 January as an intern in the Accounting team. After a couple of months, she joined the payroll team as an assistant and was soon given her own client portfolio and project manager position. Today, she has become one of the service line managers of BDO's payroll business line. Mari-Liis is very detailed in her work, but at the same time, she is an excellent communicator and a good listener to her team as well as colleagues and customers.

Her daily duties include performing payroll for international medical companies. The main communication languages ​​are both Estonian and English. Mari-Liis is actively involved in finding new customers and takes a lead in the onboarding processes of new clients by being a support and supervisor for the team members of her service line. In addition, she helps develop payroll business line services to provide our clients with excellent services and customer care from BDO.

In her work, she uses Taavi Personal, Taavi Palk, Fujitsu Persona, and Merit Palk software on a daily basis. Mari-Liis has excellent technical knowledge and experience in implementation processes, negotiating new solutions with the software provider and assembling the details to reach the agreed result with the client. Therefore, in her work, Mari-Liis is interested in using different payroll programs and is motivated to learn new software, even in a few weeks, if the need arises.

The implementation process of payroll software for new customers is the part Mari-Liis considers challenging yet rewarding. Especially in cases, where the customer specifics are significantly different from other customers and the company uses various new ways to reward and motivate the employees, in addition to what is stipulated by the law. This requires knowing the program in detail and setting it up in a more nuanced way based on the client, including the opportunity to help finding new solutions and setting up different payment types in close cooperation with program consultants, to contribute to the development of exciting solutions.

In order to constantly improve her knowledge and skills, Mari-Liis also participates in several professional and management-related training. Before joining BDO, Mari-Liis worked in a transport company, helping to organize the company's accounts. Mari-Liis received her accounting education at the Tallinn School of Economics.



Tallinn School of Economics; Accounting
G. Ots Music School of Tallinn; pop-jazz singing
Orissaare Gymnasium



Estonian (native speaker)