Local Accounting

Local Accounting

Correct and valid balancing and accounting sets the standard for the trust your company is associated with. We can help you with all tasks related to accounting thanks to our corporate structure and our extensive expertise. Our services help to create or strengthen trust between market participants. Our hallmarks are personal care, reliability and the best quality, plus their integration in the powerful international network.

Outsourcing can have significant benefits. Reorganizing reporting processes enables companies to reengineer their operations, often creating efficiencies and saving costs that were not possible using in-house staff and structures. External outsourcing providers are often able to provide state-of-the-art solutions using the latest technology to improve reporting speed and accuracy.

Our accounting, payroll and business support solutions are designed for both large and small enterprises regardless of whether they operate on a local or international scale. Our professionals’ dedication and experience let clients focus on their business with assurance that their finances are being professionally administered. We serve over 160 companies and around 40% of them have been our clients for over seven years. BDO tailors its solutions so that they meet the expectations and needs of each specific company. Our solutions portfolio comprises:

  • Monthly financial accounting according to the customer's requirements under the Estonian financial reporting standard or IFRS
  • Preparation of the annual report and performance of consolidation procedures
  • Preparation and submission of other reports required by the law, such as statistical reports, reports to the Bank of Estonia, reports to the Financial Supervision Authority, grant reports, trial balances and budget completion reports
  • Payroll accounting and reporting, (monthly) salary computation and disbursement
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns
  • Design and implementation of an organization-specific accounting and reporting system
  • Management and cost accounting & reporting
  • Agreed or selected accounting and reporting services: intra-group accounting
  • Preparation of the internal accounting manual/procedure document
  • Part-time and interim CFO/Controller services
  • Accounting supervision for companies not subject to the audit or inspection requirement to provide compliance assurance to management
  • Analysis of accounting procedures to advise on possible system improvements and responses to internal process weaknesses
  • Consultations on specific accounting matters

If you wish, we can provide an agreed amount of services on your premises.

Our specialists have deep insight into accounting issues in specific industries and specific types of enterprises.


Karoliina Treter

Partner, Head of Accounting and Reporting Services
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Helen Kutser-Sannik

Accounting and Reporting Services Senior Manager
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