Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Around the world, our 2,000 corporate finance experts work together with businesses to maximise their value through advising on acquisitions, fund raisings, flotations and disposals. A typical BDO corporate finance client is either a business with cross-border capabilities or ambitions, or a private equity firm with their niche in the middle market. Partnering our clients for mutual success is what we do. We have national and international cross-service teams, providing clients with a one-stop resource for any accounting, taxation or strategic issues that may arise in the scope of a transaction.


Taking the decision

The future of a company is highly dependent on the investment decisions taken today. Changing technologies and increasing pressure from competitors require a professional and well structured approach and support. This statement also stands when concluding an investment loan: the choice of your financing often has an extended impact on your cost structure and future growth potential.


Adequate financing

BDO Corporate Finance is your partner in finding the most appropriate financing for your company. Whether financing growth, acquisition, capital expenditure or optimizing your current financing situation, BDO Corporate Finance has the knowhow to assist you in choosing the right financing. 


Our approach

Transparent communication with potential investors is essential for obtaining the most beneficial financing conditions. This transparency is translated into a financing memorandum, drafted in close collaboration with the company's management and containing aspects such as forecast structures and results as well as cash flows that will contribute in finding the right financing.

Thanks to our expertise in respect of financing advice, we know which elements trigger the interest of credit institutions and investors. This does not only enhance the understanding for third parties but also minimizes the risk perception that future stakeholders may have. The financing process is accelerated and a win-win feeling exists among all concerned parties.