We are passionate accountancy experts and keep up to date about developments and changes in the area. We value continuous professional development and contribute to making sure that the Estonian financial landscape would be informed about the latest developments in the world and could apply the knowledge in the best possible way.


Many talented lecturers and engaging training courses

Our trainers teach by drawing examples from their hands-on professional experience. Thanks to their considerable expertise, our lecturers can combine theory and practice into appropriate client-specific solutions. We create prerequisites for discussion and debate in a knowledge-based accounting community.


We are among the leading training providers in our industry

BDO Eesti provides training in a diversity of subjects ranging from taxes to the Estonian financial reporting standard and IFRS. See our training calendar for further information on our past and upcoming training events.

In addition, we can deliver tailor made training courses in different formats that fit your needs and interests. Our lecturers can be seen and heard at professional conferences, seminars and workshops and we also offer conference moderation and organization services.

“The training was very informative and exciting. Facilitators were experienced and could provide specific examples.“ Mergers & acquisitions and business valuations

“Very pertinent, particularly because in this area training courses by hands-on professionals are relatively rare.”

“The training was interesting. It was good that they gave practical examples and showed specific calculations in Excel – it made it easier to understand.” Mandatory use of the time value of money (discounting) in accounting – based on practical examples in Excel

“Very relevant information. Presentation was explicit, to the point and clear. All questions were answered. Concise and pertinent. Made you think.” Faster and more effectively: Taxes on the sale and lease of real estate 

“Answered all the questions that used to bother me in connection with this subject.” How to implement packaging reporting and have it successfully checked by auditors?


Karin Luiga

Partner, Head of Business Development & Communication
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Sven Siling

Partner, Audit & Assurance Services, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Public Sector Accountant
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Anu P

Anu Prandi

Strategic Organizational Development and Talent Management Leader
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Irja Pärn

Audit & Assurance Services Director, Certified Public Accountant
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Karoliina Treter

Partner, Head of Accounting and Reporting Services
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Mariliis Anton

Partner, Head of Audit & Assurance Services, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Public Sector Accountant
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