Expatriate Taxation

Expatriate Taxation

For more and more companies, operating an international business requires an international and mobile workforce. Extended business trips, short and long term assignments, and transfers to and from Estonia brings added complexities for employers, as well as additional costs for international employees.

BDO’s expatriate tax specialists understand these challenges and are committed to providing you with effective solutions that are tailored to your circumstances. For employers, this may include strategies to manage an increased tax burden, superannuation, pensions and social security compliance and planning; while supporting your international employees with their tax planning and compliance requirements.

We provide a range of services, including:

  • Advising on global assignment policies including tax equalization
  • Advising on remuneration planning, including developing share and incentive plans
  • Pre-assignment planning, post-assignment support, and repatriation assistance for employees
  • Tax return preparation
  • Annual tax equalization calculations
  • We also help employers set up and run international payrolls.

BDO’s team of tax specialists can provide tailored advice and services across a range of wider employment tax issues.


The Global Mobility Challenge - BDO-sponsored study

BDO has sponsored a study which examines the global mobility challenges facing employees and the issues that are important to employees considering relocation opportunities. Follow this link to download the study report.


BDO Expatriate Newsletter

Our Expatriate Newsletter provides an overview of issues affecting international assignees. Though the focus is mainly on tax and social security matters, it also includes news of other significant developments impacting expatriate taxpayers and their employers. 

Click here to download and review the most recent issues.