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BDO Eesti is part of BDO, the global accounting and consulting network. All of the companies in the network use the BDO trademark in their business names. 

Our Estonian operations have focused on providing accounting, payroll, audit and assurance services but also business consultations since 1991. BDO global network is also represented on all of the markets that are important for Estonia – this ensures that our local clients have the support they need when they expand to new markets worldwide.

  • The BDO network has more than 111,300 employees in 1803 offices 164 countries.
  • In Estonia, we have a total of 7 partners and more than 50 employees.

BDO International Limited, a network that was established in its current form in 1963 when auditor companies in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Germany, the US and Canada decided to join forces to better support their clients. The BDO trademark is an acronym formed from the names of the company’s original partners: Binder Hamlyn (UK), Dijker & Co (Netherlands) and Otte & Co (Germany).

Our Core Values 

  • People First. BDO strives to maintain an inclusive working environment where teamwork and relationships matter.
  • Exceptional: Every Day, Every Way. We deliver the industry’s highest standards of service – and integrity, too. We believe that client relationships are based not only on technical excellence and analytic insight, but on respect, trust, and transparency.
  • Embrace Change. In a complex and dynamic world, clients expect their advisors to be forward-thinking and insightful about their business. At BDO, we are always learning and growing – as people and as professionals.
  • Empowerment Through Knowledge. Exceptional client service requires exceptional depth of knowledge. It also means sharing that knowledge with our clients and with each other.
  • Choose Accountability. BDO professionals take personal responsibility for their work. No matter what, we deliver on promises and obligations to our clients and co-workers alike.

25+ years of dedication

BDO Eesti (audit firm, activity licence 1) was the first firm that obtained the right to offer audit services in Estonia after the country regained its independence. By choosing us, you will gain access to the global experience and expertise of BDO intrenational network of audit and advisory firms. We have been delivering high-quality audit, business & financial advisory, and business support services in Estonia since 1991.

The measure of our success is in what we achieve together.

At BDO, culture is the first order of business. We succeed when we cultivate a conscious and caring corporate culture that puts people at the center of everything we do. In essence, the business of our business is to help people thrive every day. This mindset powers our growth by supporting the development of our people, the success of our clients, and the betterment of our communities. It means taking an expansive view of what’s possible, and committing ourselves to achieving exceptional outcomes. At BDO, we are cultivating a culture where our professionals thrive in their work of providing middle market leaders with insight-driven perspectives and assurance, tax and advisory services, helping companies take business as usual to better than usual.

Sustainability and ESG

We believe the future of business is sustainable business and know that using our resources responsibly and caring for the wellbeing of people and planet is imperative and the right thing to do. By integrating ESG into our business strategy and embedding ESG principles into our culture and our everyday operations, we live up to our core purpose of helping people sucseed every day. We’re dedicated to doing what it takes to create positive change for future generations by taking action within our firm and helping our clients navigate their own unique ESG journeys.

On this page you will find general terms and conditions of services provided by BDO Eesti and BDO Eesti´s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

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BDO Eesti´s  Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
(Updated April 2022) 
Eetilise Käitumise Juhis 
(aprill 2022) 
(Updated in April 2023) 
(uuendatud aprillis 2023) 
Annex_to_Client_Agreement_BDO_general_terms_of_professional_services_EN.pdf (Udated in April 2021) 
KL_Lisa_BDO_kutseteenuse_uldtingimused_EE.pdf (uuendatud aprill 2021) 



At BDO, we are strongly committed to protect the privacy of your personal data and the personal data of your clients. To help demonstrate our commitment, BDO has implemented Binding Corporate Rules for Controllers and Binding Corporate Rules for Processors (the ‘BCRs’), which have been approved by the European data protection authorities. The BCRs set out the data privacy principles with which BDO firms must comply when using and sharing personal data within the BDO network.

For more information about our BCRs and Global Privacy Programme please read our ‘BDOs Binding Corporate Rules for processors and Controllers’.

If you have any questions about the BCRs, please contact BDO’s Global Privacy Officer at privacy@bdo.global


For the full text of our Binding Corporate Rules for Controllers, click here.

For the full text of our Binding Corporate Rules for Processors, click here.



Karin Luiga

Partner, Head of Business Development & Communication
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Karoliina Treter

Partner, Head of Accounting and Reporting Services
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Mariliis Anton

Partner, Head of Audit & Assurance Services, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Public Sector Accountant
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Sven Siling

Partner, Audit & Assurance Services, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Public Sector Accountant
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Terje Kaasik

Partner, Head of Payroll & Reporting Services
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