Payroll and Reporting Services

Payroll and Reporting Services

Delivering timely, accurate and compliant payrolls requires expertise. Regulatory requirements keep changing and personal data must be processed lawfully. This means that payroll activities should be entrusted to a qualified and reliable team. Companies often need uniform payroll management in all the markets where they operate.

In partnering with BDO, you can be sure of a consistently high-quality payroll service. Our ability to deliver fully compliant payrolls across multiple jurisdictions while taking into account all client-specific details is based on our local and global know-how as well as a deep understanding of the competencies and resources required to provide timely and accurate service. Whether you are an entrepreneurial business hiring your first employees or an international organisation seeking to outsource your payroll function, we can help you.


  • Consistent and high-quality service

  • Timely and accurate payroll delivery

  • Full regulatory compliance
  • We place great emphasis on IT security, and our service provider has an ISO27001 certification, which also extends to the services they offer to business clients.

Solutions tailored to client-specific needs

Experience with both small and multinational businesses

3,600+ payslips processed monthly

Largest client with 1000+ employees

  • BDO global network covering 160+ countries

  • 10+ years of payroll delivery experience

  • 10+ highly qualified payroll experts

  • Annual payroll and GDPR training

  • Experienced users of sophisticated payroll technologies

  • Testimonials and references from internationally recognised clients



Our payroll service is designed with principles of flexibility and efficiency to provide you with the best possible service. While we utilize several recognized and reliable payroll software programs, we are also open to using other solutions based on your company's needs. We place great emphasis on the development of our payroll service and the simplification of the technical solutions we offer.

BDO’s specialists use the following payroll and HR software programs on a daily basis





BDO Estonia's clients do not need to acquire payroll software or deal with its updates and technical issues – our specialists have the experience and expertise to handle these for you.


BDO’s payroll service covers the core processes, which are handled daily, and the employer’s monthly responsibilities.

 Core payroll processes

  • Calculating salaries and other remuneration (incl. advance payments, overtime pay, additional remuneration for work on public holidays or being available outside working time, etc.) on a monthly basis
  • Calculating final settlements (incl. holiday compensation, redundancy benefits, etc.)
  • Distributing encrypted payslips to employees’ email addresses or uploading the payslips to the client’s portal
  • Preparing and transferring net contributions to the employees’ third pillar pension funds
  • Calculating holiday pay consistent with statutory requirements as well as the client’s additional entitlement rules (calculation and transfer before the holiday or on the regular payday)
  • Calculating and monitoring holiday accruals (incl. monthly, quarterly and/or year-end reporting on holiday liabilities)
  • Checking employee timesheets
  • Administering electronic certificates of incapacity for work on behalf of the client on the state portal and, if necessary, communicating with the Health Insurance Fund
  • Calculating sickness benefits
  • Preparing the remuneration records and payments file and uploading the file to the client’s bank or sending it to the client for upload
  • Preparing the accounting records file and the reporting agreed with the client
  • Providing payroll-related tax consultations
  • Communicating with the client’s departments (incl. HR and accounting)
  • Responding to the client’s queries regarding payroll calculations and records

 Additional payroll service operations

  • Registering employees in the online Employment Register (TöR) of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board
  • Preparing and submitting payroll-related certificates, statements and records on behalf of the employer (e.g. to the Social Insurance Board, the Health Insurance Fund, the Unemployment Insurance Fund, banks, etc.)
  • Administering legal instruments filed by enforcement agents and preparing payments to be withheld from employee remuneration
  • Preparing the client’s tax return (form TSD Annexes 1 and 2 as a text file) and uploading it to the Tax and Customs Board on the e-MTA portal or sending it to the client for upload
  • Preparing statistical reports related to remuneration
  • Sending payroll information to the client’s auditors
  • Providing additional assistance requested by the client




To request a quote or to discuss possible cooperation please contact our experts.





Terje Kaasik

Partner, Head of Payroll & Reporting Services
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Kätlin Sinik

Payroll and Reporting Services Senior Manager
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Maarika Heinsalu

Payroll and Reporting Services Senior Manager
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Ele Eding

Payroll and Reporting Services Senior Manager, Deputy Director
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Marite Tiismaa

Marite Tiismaa

Payroll and Reporting Services Junior Manager
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Kateriin Talvist

Kateriin Talvist

Payroll and Reporting Services Specialist
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