Talent management starts with hiring people that are the best fit. It is important to find out what skills and personal qualities are needed, what motivates the possible new hire and what values of a potential new employee are, in addition to skills and abilities.

Steps in the recruitment process.

  • Meeting with the client and clarifying the need
  • A position profile where, in addition to professional skills, it would also map the prerequisites for personal qualities, suitability for the team, etc.
  • Concluding the agreement
  • Selecting search channels
  • Preparing a job advertisement
  • Preselection
  • Focused interviews
  • Personality and/or aptitude testing by agreement
  • Presentation of 2–4 final candidates
  • Background research
  • Final interviews and agreement on terms


Anu P

Anu Prandi

Strategic Organizational Development and Talent Management Leader
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Terje Kaasik

Partner, Head of Payroll & Reporting Services
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