Employment relations

Employment relations

Good employment relations require thoughtful action. Need new employees? Do you want to reorganise the work? How to terminate the contract? Do it in a way that afterwards you do not have to pay for the mistakes made. It makes sense to think through the journey from the start. Let’s think together. The prerequisites for good employment relationships are open, transparent communication, an understandable system of remuneration, a value proposition, a culture of recognition of employees, and knowledge of legislation.

We can help to create it all.


In addition BDO can help you with:

  • Remuneration policies
  • Value propositions for the employee
  • Talent management process
  • Performance management process
  • Process of performance interviews (development interviews)
  • Change management
  • Onboarding – creating an employee onboarding program
  • Offboarding – how to terminate the employment relationship so that both parties are satisfied.
  • Personality tests (DISC, EQ, OPQ).
  • Kick off package for a start-up company (organisational structure, employment contracts, house rules, service standard, remuneration for work, value proposition)


Administration of HR data

  • Preparation, amendment, termination of employment contracts, warnings, notices of cancellation
  • Preparation of non-competition and confidentiality agreements
  • Drafting job descriptions, agreements on the use of property and training contracts
  • Monitoring of deadlines related to employees (probationary period, fixed-term employment contract, etc.) and organisation/formalisation of further activities
  • Drafting rules for work flow management
  • Whatever else is necessary to ensure the operational efficiency of the company, development of required documents and/or procedures (establishment of limits, procedure for business trips, procedure for reimbursement of expenses for using a personal car, procedure for using company cars, logbook, etc.)

Anu P

Anu Prandi

Strategic Organizational Development and Talent Management Leader
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Partner, Head of Payroll & Reporting Services
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