We do not let someone sit behind the wheel if we are unsure whether they know how to drive or not. What about the managers in your company? Does your company’s client service guarantee you loyal clients who always want to come back? Do you have a dream team? Do all employees in the company understand performance management and goal setting in the same way? We do not expect that driving skills will magically appear on their own, the same is true in managing people. The skill can be learned and practised.


Self-management and building trust:

  • What kind of leader am I? Strengths and opportunities for development.
  • How trust is built?
  • What if trust is broken?
  • 10 things you definitely should not do.


Meeting ABC (online training) (2–3 h)

  • When to hold a meeting?
  • Role of meeting leader
  • Preparing for the meeting
  • Holding a meeting
  • What happens after the meeting?

Setting goals (incl. SMART model) (2 h)

  • What is SMART?
  • Why is it important to define objectives?
  • Practice


Feedback, performance interview, development interview, feedforward (4 h).

  • What is the difference between feedback, performance interview, development interview, and feedforward?
  • How to build a conversation?
  • The roles of the parties in the conversation.
  • Words have power and strength. How to convey uncomfortable messages and constructive criticism?


Internal training for managers on conducting a job interview:

  • How to mitigate risks and select the best candidates?
  • How to conduct an interview?
  • Interview questions.
  • Body language.
  • The most common mistakes during an interview

An incompetently conducted job interview can lead to a financial obligation for the company, or worse case senario to the risk of a labour dispute. One should keep in mind recruitment also is serving as the business card and reputation builder for the company.

DISC Team training

Have you found that managing people is more complex than managing money or machines?

Have you felt that when communicating with a colleague, you do not understand what they are thinking and feeling?

Why do they not act like you would?

We have manuals to control the machines. How can we find out how our colleague behaves and our team functions.

Criticism as a gift

How to turn criticism into a gift. How to give criticism. What to do with the criticism received.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion have already been hot topics in large international companies around the world for years. In Estonia, we are often confused as to what it is and what it could be useful for. It is often mistakenly believed that this concerns only those organisations where employees came from other cultures. The emergence of the issue of diversity in commercial enterprises is not only related to social, cultural, ethical, and moral issues, but companies have come to understand that diverse organisations involving different groups in society (including age, gender, education, etc.) are more innovative and effective. Diversity is reflected in the financial results of the company.


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Anu Prandi

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